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OSE Pharma is a privately held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with its corporate headquarters in Paris, France. OSE Pharma is developping a Cancer Specific Immunotherapy in Phase 3 for Lung cancer (NSCLC) and Phase 2 status in other cancers. OSE Pharma acquired its Multi-Epitope T-Cytotoxic technology from a Multinational pharmaceutical company.


The Company is targeting cancer and pulmonary diseases and seeks to transform lives through the discovery, development, and manufacture of novel therapeutics that significantly improve treatment options for patients. OSE Pharma is managed by Dominique Costantini, M.D, and Emile Loria, M.D. Both are experienced professionals, with complementary expertise in successfully managing drug development and business operations in public companies in the US (Epimmune - Nasdaq) and in Europe (BioAlliance - Euronext). 


OSE Pharma is focused on rapidly advancing its lead multi-epitope T-cytotoxic technology through Phase 3 development and regulatory approval. By leveraging its founders’ experience, its lung and cancer expert network, patient linkage and flexible operations model, OSE Pharma intends to proceed expeditiously with the development of its assets.

- Focused on aggressive rare diseases

- Dedicated to providing new hope for people with advanced cancers for which current therapies are inadequate or nonexistent

Continuously growing a community of physicians, scientists and patients that share their knowledge with and actively collaborate with OSE Pharma 

Biovision Catalyser

Biovision Catalyser - Patients in mind

Cancer Specific Immune Therapy

The concept of cell-mediated tumor immunity as protective is supported by evidence from experimental animals in which complete tumor eradication has been achieved by activated cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), as well as humans, in which CTLs have been isolated from patients with cancer that are able to lyse autologous tumor cells. More

 - Patients in mind

Running for Rare Diseases

September 30, OSEPharma team will participates in a 10km race "Running for cystic fibrosis : Give your breath for those who do not"

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